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It’s just a happenin’ day for news today! I’ve been invited to take part in 24theweb in a week’s (can’t believe how close it is) time. On November 13th, 21 people will be shut in a room for 24 hours, split into three teams to produce a website each for three chosen charities. It’s 24 hours straight by the way, no stops, no breaks. Scrapheap challenge for the web if you will!!!

Personally, I can’t wait! I’ve been selected in an IA/UX role, but I hope to be able to get my hands dirty in there too. Really looking forward to this so watch Twitter from Nov. 13th – 14th for updates on how we’re getting on. The whole thing’s being organised by Stewart Curry and kudos are due to him for managing to keep this going, getting it organised AND having a baby (ok, not him but you know what I mean) at the same time. Also Blacknight are behind the hosting which makes me very excited, as they’re the hosts with the mosts that have been so brilliant to me when I had my hosting issues this summer… Thanks you guys! Mwah!